Advertising Campaign 2009-2010

In the context of an organized advertising campaign by the European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri for the educational year 2009-2010, there was the publication of a pamphlet with information about the school activities. The pamphlet was distributed freely in the city of Pirgos and the greater area. 


Furthermore, for Christmas 2009, Mrs. Miranta Merkouri handed out school bags and literature books in English to the school students.

1. Μαθητές του σχολείου κρατώντας τα δώρα τους 2. Μαθητές του σχολείου κρατούν τα δώρα τους 3. Η γραμματέας του σχολείου κρατώντας ένα από τα δώρα τους

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